Custom kitchen and bath cabinets have been our mainstay product over the years. As you can see, the quality is of the highest order!

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry 1  Cherry 2  Cherry 3  Cherry 4  Cherry 5  Cherry 6
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Rock Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple 1  Maple 2  Maple 3  Maple 4 
Maple 6  Maple 7  Maple 8  Map;le 9

Bathroom Oak Cabinetry

Bath Cabinet 1  Bath Cabinet 2  Bath Cabinet 3  Bath Cabinet 4  Bath Cabinet 5  Bath Cabinet 6

Bathroom Maple Cabinetry

From start to finish:

Curved Cabinet 1  Curved Cabinet 3  Curved Cabinet 4  Curved Cabinet 6  Curved Cabinet 5
Curved Cabinet 2  Curved Cabinet 7  Curved cabinet 8  Curved cabinet 9

AUSTIN, TX - General Contractor - tabor construction  


We have had the oportunity to create some magnificant pieces!

Egyptian Display Table

Egyptian 1  Egyptian 2  Eqyptian 3  Egyptian 4  Egyptian 5 

Egyptian 6  Egyptian 7  Egytptian 8  Egyptian 9  Eqyptian 10 
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Oval Dining Table

From start to finish:

Round Table 1  Round Table 2  Round Table 3  Round Table 4  Round Table 5

Round Table 6  Round Table 7  Round Table 8  Round Table 9  Round Table 10

Round Table 11  Round Table 12  Round Table 18  Round Table 20  Round Table 19

Round Table 13  Round Table 14  Round Table 15  Round Table 16  Round Table 17


Corner Bench Breakfast Table


Handmade doors add that special touch of luxury at an affordable price!

Door 4  Door 1  Door 2

Door 3


We sometimes receive unique and special designs requests, and as you can see, nothing is too large or small for us.

Residential Wine Bar Cabinet

Red Bar 1  Red Bar 2  Red Bar 3  Rde Bar 4  Red Bar 5  Red Bar 6

Red Bar 7  Red Bar 9  Red bar 8  Red Bar 10  Red Bar 11
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Residential Library

Library   Library 1  Library 2  Library 3  Library 4  Library 5


Chinese Gong Tower

Gong 1   Gong 2   Gong 3   Gong 4


Commercial Sales Desk

Sales Desk 2  Sales Desk 3  Sales Desk 4  Sales desk 5


Keepsake Chest

Chest 1  Chest 2  Chest 3  Chest 4  Chest 5


Residential Audio Visual Unit

AV 9  AV 1  AV 7   AV 2  AV 5  AV 6   


"We wanted a cabinet that would look perfect in our rustic vacation home and be a functional wine storage and bar area. We had the perfect space picked out for it to be installed, the wine cave purchased and a detailed idea for wine glass storage. We thought we would find the perfect antique armoire that could be retrofitted for our purposes. After months of looking, it became apparent that we would have to have this custom-made.

Bruce Tabor was one of several people who were recommended and after meeting with him we realized that we had no idea what the design should be, but Bruce would work with us and create the cabinet that is the focal point of our entertainment area. Bruce was honest, patient, enthusiastic, creative and skillful. His goal was to please us and he built a piece of furniture that is a work of art. He was a delight to work with and we would use him again if the need arose. I highly recommend this personable craftsman."

The Blooms

Wine Cave

Bruce Tabor is an innovative wood craftsman beyond description. I have known Bruce for over 20 years and during that time he has completely remodeled my home as well as crafted an incredibly beautiful library shelving system with leaded glass doors. He designed and built two leaded glass doors that serve as the entry to my home and the entry to our library. He has done numerous very creative small wood working jobs for us such as a beautifully personalized toy chest for our grandson which includes a hydraulic hinge system to keep the door from falling on our grandson as he digs through his toys. The toy chest has multiple separators such that the toys can be segregated in any manner desired. If you want quality and creative wood craftsmanship, I would recommend Bruce Tabor over all individuals I know.

Baylus E. Bennett, Austin, Texas

Library Shelving with Leaded Glass Doors


Bruce Tabor

(512) 288-1096